We are Think-it.

Our collective is on a mission to unlock human potential with technology. We learn, code, and grow as one team in Tunis — and remotely with partners around the world.

Our vision

The Future of Work is

Trust us: the only constant in technology is change. But bright minds around the world can’t wait for traditional schools and economies to give them the skills and opportunities they need to build a 21st century career. Meanwhile, innovative companies can’t afford to wait for the engineers they need to build life-changing products.

We triple-checked, and GitHub doesn’t check your passport. So, we’re shipping the future today by redefining what it means to be a distributed engineer — and using technology to promote human dignity around the world. And our core values — like collectivism, ownership, and trust — guide everything we do.

Our founding team

Mehemed Bougsea

Co-founder and CEO

Joscha Raue

Co-founder and CGO

Amel Abid

Co-founder and Strategy Advisor

“The world will only need more specialized and thoughtful software engineers over time—and Think-it is proving that the next generation of technology leaders will not just be high-performing, but also truly global citizens.”

Sean Percival,
Operating Partner at Katapult Accelerator

Why Tunis?

Tunisia is full of bright, young people ready to build a better future — and be North Africa’s bridge to the world.

Video coming soon

“A German-Tunisian technical collective saving the world with data.”

Contact us

Tunis Campus


Lac 2, n° 56 Boulevard de la Corniche
Lac II Tunis, Tunisia

Berlin Team


Friedrichstrasse 123
10117 Berlin, Germany